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Teacher with Tablet

Primary Sources,
Readings, References and Secondary Sources

Required Readings
(during workshops only)

  1. Buildings of Arkansas, by Cyrus A. Sutherland, Pages 218-275

  2. Society of Architectural Historians, Buildings of the United States

  3. Shadows Over Sunnyside, An Arkansas Plantation in Transition, 1820-1945, by Jeannie M. Whayne, The University of Arkansas Press Fayetteville, 1993

  4. Succeeding Against the Odds, by John H. Johnson with Lerone Bennett

  5. Under One Flag, A Year at Rohwer, by Liz Parkhurst and Pam Strickland

  6. A Haunted Love Story, by Mark Spencer

  7. The Architecture of Negro Travelers Greenbook, Establishments by Arkansas Cities, University of Virginia (Green Books (

  8. African Americans of Pine Bluff and Jefferson County (Arcadia Publishing, 2012), by Jimmy Cunningha

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