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Summer Camps at
University of Arkansas at Monticello

We are elated that you are residing with us on campus for camp. We can wait for your arrival and here is a brief reminder of things that you need to know.


1.Please start working on a roster for your residents that will be staying on campus.

2.Email your campus roster for housing to start working on room assignments. You can email your roster to

3.If you want meals for your campers, please get in contact with Mr. Caleb Bumpous at 870-460-1076 or email at to request food services for your camp.

4.Once you arrive on campus, you will turn in your final room assignment and a residence life staff member will take it and issue your camp organization an invoice for residing on campus.


Residence Hall Rates

(University Apartments and Maxwell Hall are not available for camps)

1. Utilizing Campus Food Service

  • $10.00 per person/per day/double room

  • $15.00 per person/per day/single room

2. Not Utilizing Campus Food Service

  • $12.00 per person/per day/double room

  • $17.00 per person/per day/single room


Residence Hall Furnishings: The residence hall rooms are furnished with modest furniture; two twin size beds, two dressers and two desks. This furniture is not to be moved. Community bathrooms are featured in Royer Hall and Horsfall Hall while suite-style bathrooms are featured in Bankston Hall. Bed linens and towels are NOT provided. Lounge and Lobby furniture are not to be moved to rooms or other areas. Housing suggests that you pack linens, towels, toiletries, and something to carry them into the bathroom (such as a shower caddy), shower shoes, clothing, chargers, electronics, trash bags, hand soap, etc. Please do not forget to bring your bedding! Lobbies cannot be reserved for private meeting spaces. Please request permission to use the lounges for private meetings instead of the lobbies. We will continue to provide daily tours for incoming students during your camp, so please do not rearrange lobby furniture or leave personal belongings in the lobbies.


Check-In and Check-Out Procedures: These procedures, including the issuing and collecting of keys, will be handled as a joint effort of the camp staff and a UAM Residence Life staff member.


Check- In: The Director must contact the Director of Residence Life at least one week prior to the group’s arrival to confirm arrival day & time. Camp Director and staff must arrive one hour prior to check-in of participants to review check-in and check-out procedures and forms to be completed during the check-in/check-out process. A room roster will be required to be completed for each camp. A copy must be provided to the Residence Life office.


Check- Out: All participants and staff members must check-out of their rooms no later than noon on the day of check-out. Room check-out forms will be completed at this time. If your group has activities after noon on this day, all luggage may be placed in the 1st floor lobby before the check-out time. The lobby will be locked at this time and remain locked until lobby check-out.


FOOD SERVICE IN or AT UNIVERSITY FACILITIES: UAM Dining Services service is limited to services provided by the contractor, Aramark. Food services are requested by contacting the Aramark general manager located in the John F. Gibson University Center; 870-460-1076, or During the University’s summer sessions, Aramark regularly provides two meals (brunch and dinner) in the Dining Hall each day, Monday - Thursday. Directors may arrange for weekend food service by contacting Aramark at least two weeks prior to the camp. Aramark will honor all reasonable requests by camps and institutes for serving meals on the weekends.


SMOKING/TOBACCO/ALCOHOL USE ON CAMPUS In accordance with UAM Operating Procedure 245.1, Use of Tobacco Products in Campus Facilities and UAM Operating Procedure 245.2, UAM is designated as a Smoke-Free Campus. ALL facilities and grounds of the University of Arkansas at Monticello are tobacco free. In accordance with the Drug-Free Schools & Campuses Act, UAM strictly prohibits the dispensing, selling, supplying, possession, use, manufacture, or distribution of alcohol or illicit drugs on university owned/ university-controlled property or at any university sponsored event, including off campus university sponsored events that have been approved by the Office of Student Engagement or another university office


Emergencies and Contact Information

Use the following numbers in the case of an emergency:

• University Police Department (UPD): 870-460-1000

• Residence Life Duty Phone (24/7): 870-224-6872

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