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About Alex Foundation  (revise)

Alex Foundation, an Arkansas Delta based nonprofit organization was established in 2010 to provide limited access students learning experiences in architecture, design and the built environment during the academic school year and in the summer months.

The mission of Alex Foundation is to engage students to consider careers and entrepreneurial opportunities in architecture and design through mentoring, strengthening their capacity, and supporting their educational attainment and continued advancement to meet domestic and global challenges. Alex Foundation’s efforts are collaborated through a multiple intelligence approach that includes project-based learning, interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary learning. 


The work of Alex Foundation is informed by current research and experts in academics and industry to ensure that it meets the needs of students and educators. The success of its mission driven work is reflected in 10 fundamental partnerships: architects, allied professionals, universities, schools, educators, parents, students, government, businesses, and communities. Alex Foundation works side-by-side with experts expe­ri­enced in all facets of the creative and technical process: inno­va­tion, architecture/design, and fabri­ca­tion.

In 2018, the reauthorization of the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Act of 2006, HR 2535 legislated support for programs and activities that increase access, student engagement, and success in STEM including computer science, coding and architecture to support for the integration of arts and design skills and support for hands on learning, particularly for students who are members of groups that are underrepresented in subject fields such as female students, minority students and students who are members of special populations.  This is significant as it is aligned with Alex Foundation’s work for over 12 years.

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